About HazRid Asbestos Removal

As professional asbestos removalists with over five years’ experience we are experts in identifying and removing asbestos with an aim to exceed industry standards and provide a high quality service. Hazrid Asbestos removal has been recognised by the industry regulator Safe Work NSW (formerly known as Work Cover NSW) and issued a Class B Non-Friable asbestos removal license.

This license allows for the removal of Non-Friable asbestos from residential, commercial and industrial sites.


What makes us industry leaders?


  • Safety First
    Being an Australian owned and operated company the safety of our community and the environment is of utmost importance. We take very careful measures and follow strict procedures to ensure the highest level of safety for both our team and work environment.To maintain this, an essential part of the process is the precise planning and documentation associated with the asbestos removal works.
  • Qualifications and Training
    Central to our companies’ success is the ongoing support to improve and develop our team member’s skills and qualifications. We continuously provide training programs to ensure that we remain competent with our skills and are aware of the most up to date procedures and to be able to offer the right advice and knowledge to our clients.
  • Customer service
    We believe that excellent customer service is a vital part to the growth and development of the business. We strive to maintain reliable and honest relationships with our customers. Our team are professional, well-spoken & knowledgeable and are there to assist from beginning to end; we aim to meet the needs of our customers and ensure satisfaction for every job!
  • Technologically Advanced
    We use the most up to date safety equipment & tools to ensure the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of our work helping both our team and company maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Quality
    We believe that a good quality job always gives the best results. From the planning all the way through to the clean-up, we assure quality every time.